Friday, March 21, 2014

Frank Zane at Almost 72

For the last couple of months I've been training regularly three times a week with Fernandez, doing my new Let's Grow routine with everything right to make gains.  Not attending Arnold Expo this year saved me a lot of energy which I've channeled into training.  Plus, I've been consuming 75 grams of my new Egg White Perfection daily in various mixes before and after workouts and then after dinner.  As a result I'm getting a tremendous pump in my workouts, check out this shot take after Tuesday's workout.

When I'm not training, eating, or sleeping I'm writing my next book Let's Grow.  It's all about how to train, eat, relax and think to grow muscle and a positive attitude.  It features my new three way split routine, is very detailed, just finished the rough draft and I'm shooting for publication in early May.  Watch for it.  Already have lots of pre-order requests from Building the Body quarterly subscribers.  This routine is doing it for me, at age almost 72  I'm growing muscle.  Who knew!

Still growing,
Frank Zane

Friday, February 21, 2014

Frank Zane's Egg White Perfection is Here!

Frank Zane's Egg White Perfection has arrived! Our supply of this new revolutionary protein supplement is now in stock and ready to fill orders. We had a lot of advance orders to fill but they have been sent out and should be arriving right about now to those who ordered. Don't miss out on this amazing product, we've been using it with great results.

Check it out at

All the best,
Frank Zane

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Building the Body Winter 2013

We just received the Winter issue of Building the Body quarterly and I'm please with it's contents.  With a lot of photos and interesting articles it's one of my favorite issues, here's the topics inside:

How to Grow - Gaining muscle size and bodyweight depends on stimulating the big muscles masses like thighs, glutes, and back.  But if you get these areas too big you lose proportion.  What to do?

The Let's Grow training routine - is a preview of Frank's two way split workout which is detailed in his upcoming book Let's Grow.  Get a head start by doing this result producing program now!

The Steve Clark story - from open heart surgery to bodybuilding champion Steve tells his story.

Fernandez wins Trophy - on his second attempt at Masters Mr. Border States, Fernandez places second and impresses everyone with his definition and presentation.

Bodybuilding and Bermuda Shorts - What's up with guys wearing pants down to their knees on stage  to be judged as a complete physique?  What about thighs?  Read what we think.

AGES and Aging - AGES stands for advanced glycation end stages and its buildup in the body is related to accelerated aging changes and disease.

Get Lats and Serratus - Here's how Frank did it and still does.

Frank Zane's Egg White Perfection is now available - there's nothing like this on the market!

Layoffs - Do you need them?  When?

Interesting Email

Do Your Workouts Work? - How can you tell if you are doing what's need to make progress?

L Glutamine -It's my morning scene.  Why you need to take it.

The Old Weaver - a fascinating tale about an old man's enlightenment.

Frankly Speaking - What's the Valentine's Day Special?

Subscribe today, it's honest information from interesting viewpoints with many never before seen photographs. 

All the best,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Frank Zane's Egg White Perfection

The past several months I’ve been working on a new protein supplement and I’m happy to announce that it will be available the first week in February.  Frank Zane’s Egg White Perfection is the product and there is nothing like it on the market.  Micronized high solubility egg whites are combined with L-Glutamine, sunflower lecithin, enzymes papain and bromelin, vanilla flavored sweetened with stevia.

It’s a real boost for training and I feel like I’m growing taking it before and after workouts.  A few hours before training I have a bowl of cooked Kashi (7 whole grain pelaf) with a heaping scoop (30 grams) of Egg White Perfection.  It’s a good 30 grams of protein, 40 grams of carbs and no fat.  After my workout I pack a handful of baby spinach into my Magic Bullet blender/krusher, half banana, small tangerine from our tree, handful of pecans or walnuts, half a pear, cold water with a heaping scoop of Egg White Perfection.  It’s delicious and filling and I call that lunch.  These pre and post workout feedings give me 60 grams of protein with as much carbohydrate spread over several hours.

My workouts are going great thanks to my protein practice.  Doing three workouts a week as before but have switched to a new arrangement of exercises in the three way split I’m doing: now it’s chest, front delts, biceps, forearms, abs on Tuesday; abs, thighs, and calves on Thursday; and back, rear delts, triceps and abs on Saturday.  It’s working great and I feel like I’m making my best gains in a long time.

I’ll keep you posted.

All the best,

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Holidays!

I am not happy that XYZ Supplement Perfection will no longer be available.
The high cost of the many different ingredients and the difficulty in obtaining them in proper quantities make production possible.  However our Egg White protein is still available at the same price even though costs have risen almost 25%.  I've been taking one protein drink per day using 4 heaping tablespoons of Egg White with one teaspoon w pure L-Glutamine powder before workouts (with a piece of fruit) for a tremendous energy boost resulting in a fantastic pump. 

Training was going really well up until a week ago when I had dental surgery.  Had to temporarily change my eating habits to easily chewable food, so I used it as an opportunity to eat less (more protein drinks) while I healed.  Got back into training after a 5 day layoff using a new workout.  It's perfect for off season maintenance training where I specialization on weak points.  The new workout is a two way split routine working back of body on Tuesday and front of body on Saturday.  On three other days I do 40 minutes of stationary bike for a total of 2 hours aerobics a week (more than I've been doing).  This routine will help me stay lean over the holidays.  More about this program in next issue of Building the Body coming out in January.

You can get a FREE autographed copy of my latest book Symmetry by taking advantage of our special holiday offer.  Check it out here:

NOTE:  Make sure you use the link above (or click here) to take advantage of the special pricing!
Happy Holidays,

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Building the Body Autumn 2013 issue

The Autumn 2013 issue of Building the Body quarterly is being mailed the weekend of October 19th.  With interesting articles and new photos it contains:

1. Autumn is Peaking Time - seasonal training is part of my yearly training cycle and even though I've long stop competing I still do my best to reach peak condition each autumn.  My target date is the first week in December.

2. Pump and Circumstance explains how to get a pump, different kinds of pumps, and wy it is essential for progress.

3. Pumping Super Sets - A pump is a swell feeling in your muscles.  Try these unique super sets for maximum effect.

4. Gaining Weight - Do not be in such a hurry to gain weight that you ruin your symmetry and proportions.  Weight gained quickly goes primarily to big muscle groups like thighs, butt, pecs - all centrally located.  Building mass to extremities like calves and forearms helps with a more aesthetic  look.

5. How to Squat - Here's how to make shapely gains without hurting yourself.

6. From Mice to Men is a psychologist observation of the modern male.

7. Protein or Amino Acids?  How do they work and what's the best to take?

8. Eat This - a recommendation for eating a nutrient dense diet.

9. What's Anti-Aging?  Is there such a thing?  A prominent longevity scientist tells why there is.

10. Reliving the 70s - It was a glorious time and I'm using it to motivate my training in my 70s.

11. Why Use Light Weights? - It's necessary some of the time, learn why and how.

12.  Fernandez Updated - After training him for two years he's made lots of progress and place second in his latest master's competition.

Subscribe today, only $24 postpaid for 4 issues in USA, $26.29 in California, $30 in Canada and Mexico, and $35 overseas.  It's solid training information without a lot of hype.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Protein and Amino Acids

Egg whites have become so popular on the McDonald’s menu that they have created an egg albumen shortage due to their great demand. We’ve been out of protein for months, so what to do? In this time of protein supplement shortages, it’s gratifying to know that you can always take amino acids. There are advantages to including aminos in your supplement program.

A protein drink is a meal replacement where you get protein, carbs, some fats, fiber, you sip it slowly and your body digests it like a meal. A protein drink is a convenient way to get the effect of eating something by drinking it. You can swallow vitamins and minerals with it too.

Amino acids however are the end result of protein digestion and the easiest way to increase nutrient density in your diet without adding significant calories. Each free form amino acid capsule contains 5 to 6 times as much nitrogen as an equal amount of protein powder. Nitrogen is what differentiates protein from carbohydrate and protein is the only nutrient than builds muscle.

We have a new source of egg albumen for our Cutting Edge Egg White Protein and it has been reformulated with sunflower seed lecithin, a fat emulsifier. XYZ supplement perfection is being reformulated too and we expect to have both product available for shipment in 4 to 5 weeks. I’d like to thank our protein customers for being patient.

The good news is that my training is going very well and I’m seeing muscular development I haven’t seen in years. Prior surgeries have been rehabed and I’m relatively pain free except for soreness the day following a workout. Training three times a week works perfectly for me and the extra rest between workouts have allowed me time to keep growing. The Autumn 2013 issue of Buildingthe Body quarterly is just about finished and I’ll be sending it to the printer this week, so watch for it by mid October.

All the best in your training,