Sunday, June 14, 2015

Building the Body: Summer 2015

Summer 2015 issue of Building the Body quarterly will be mailed by the end of the week of June 14th.  There are success stories of bodybuilders at both ends of the aging spectrum with photos to show their progress.  It's a very motivational issue, archery champ John Dudley's comeback along with my ongoing rehab tell what's needed to keep going forward.  the Error Messages article can make a person feel good about his mistakes, it's how we learn.  Lots of high quality photos make this one of our best issues yet.

How to Stay Motivated is all about finding a reason to train harder, be it competition or simply getting healthier you need a goal.

Serious about Training my plan is to get into good shape this year  as injuries heal.  Here's how I'm doing it.

Ralph Cowan’s Discipline at age 79 see what kind of shape a senior bodybuilder can attain.

Clarence Bass in his late 70's explains his training and diet and how it enables him to stay in such great condition.

Archer John Dudley one of the world's best professional archers recently underwent shoulder surgery.  Learn how he keeps shooting!

The Zane Experiences provide an opportunity to train with Zane at his facility in San Diego, including ongoing workouts:
    Ongoing Personal Training
    2 hr private posing seminar
    1,2,3,4 Day Private Seminar

James Smith did a Zane Experience program and 6 months later got into the best shape of his life and excelled in competition, see his remarkable transformation.

Abs olutely explains how different styles of abdominal developed can be developed according to how you train them.  Here's how:

The Overhead Pose is a classic Zane pose signifying victory, check out Frank's favorite overhead poses.

Are you Symmetrical?  What does it all mean?
    What is Perfect Symmetry? 
                    Time Symmetry?
                       Super Symmetry?
                             Bodybuilding Symmetry?

Musicality and the Muse is some of what inspires me.

Church of Man tells a metaphor of our many sub personalities.  Who is really in charge

Error Messages are simply indications of what not to do.  We learn by avoiding behaviors that do not work.

Frankly Speaking - Frank's return to archery, summer nutrition specials are what's trending.

Subscribe now by going to  Mailed USPS hard copy it's only $24 in USA, $26.28 in CA, $30 in Canada, and $35 overseas.

All the best,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Building the Body Subscriptions

All Building the Body subscriptions that are on automatic renewal through Paypal have been cancelled and notified via email.  This means that if you subscribed prior to 2014, Paypal has been automatically renewing your subscription one or two years from the date you originally  subscribed. 

We will mail you a notice when your subscription has expired with your last issue and it will be up to you to re-subscribe.  You can do this by going to and subscribing through Paypal, this time it is for one year (4 issue) subscriptions at a time.  If you have any questions about when your subscription expires please email and we will get back to you with an answer.  

Apologies for the inconvenience to those who want auto renewal but we would like to keep publishing BTB in hard copy and this seems like the best way to continue.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Upcoming Interview on the Super Strength Show

I'm scheduled to do 45 minute interview tomorrow with The Super Strength Show.

Check out this page and this link to see some of their past podcasts.

I'm not sure if you can listen live yet, but if so, I'll update this page with a link to the event as well as link to my interview once it is available!


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Muscle & Fitness News

What an honor to be awarded Best Physique Ever by the editors of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.   This acknowledgement really makes me feel good about myself and adds fuel to my fire.  It’s almost like winning Mr. Olympia again!  And the good news is that I will be writing a monthly Train with Zane column for M&F just like years ago.  Watch for it, hopefully by the May 2015 issue.

Good Luck in your training,
Frank Zane

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Building the Body: Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 issue of Building the Body Quarterly will be mailing out before the end of March with lots of great photos as usual and interesting articles.  Why subscribe?  Those who do say it's for motivation and they like getting a neat little magazine in the mail every three months.  It's available as a digital download one month after the hard copy comes out but many prefer the actual magazine so we keep publishing this way.  It's written from my point of view based on my 60 years of training experience.  There's lots for the mature senior bodybuilder but there's info and success stories of people of all ages inside each issue.   Weight training, stretching, aerobics, posing, competition, nutrition, supplements, diets, meditation, stress management, deep relaxation, longevity, all aspects relating to healthy bodybuilding are included.  Here's what's in this issue:

Coming back to Weight Training  - Almost 6 months after rotator cuff surgery I'm getting the OK to start back on my regular training program,  But I'm being careful and taking my time to gradually build up my exercise poundages.

Squat to Grow - If you are looking to gain weight squatting is how to do it.  Butt and thighs are the biggest muscles in the body so if you are looking for sheer bodyweight gain and more overall power give squatting a chance.

Donkeys - No doubt about it this is best calf exercise.  And the simplest.  All you need is a calf block, a rider to sit on your lower back, and a bench to lean on.  Did lots of them training for the Olympias.

Muscles and Longevity - Recent study shows that Muscle Mass Index can be a predictor of Longevity in older results. And of course we know that bodybuilding is the best way to increase muscle mass index.

Do Bodybuilders Live Longer? - Approaching 73 gives me pause to wonder how long bodybuilders live, so I did a Google search of bodybuilders deceased and found the average age of passing was 81.  So train healthy live long.

The Double Biceps Pose is the most popular pose in bodybuilding competition because it is meant to show balance and complete development.  Mastering it is fundamental to success.

Getting Down to Earth by Ed Kellogg PhD is about grounding and how its practice can boost body, mind, and spirit.  Grounding means connecting with the earth.

Practical Grounding Tips - Here's how to connect directly with the earth.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Dessert - We eat at home with simple nutritious recipes and by eating out at restaurants less frequently save money to support our food supplement habit.

Unilateral Weight Training means training one side of the body at a time and might give even more progress than working both sides simultaneously.  This means you can train almost all body parts with one dumbbell but it takes twice as long.

A Christian Mantra for Meditation by John White provides helpful emphasis on how to meditate using this special word of power.

Letters and Email relates interesting questions we get thru the Internet and logical answers to them.

The Ferrigno Classic was held this past day after Thanksgiving in Santa Barbara California and Fernandez won another trophy.

How Routine is Your Workout Routine?  If you are bored with your workouts here's why and how to make necessary changes to spike your motivation.

Frankly Speaking details how to obtain the same supplements I've been using, my latest workout exercise equipment, and a successful Zane Experience client.

So you can see that Building the Body Quarterly is not just about building muscles, it's about that and everything related to it, the total bodybuilding lifestyle.  Subscribe now and learn why you may not be making the gains your are capable of and what to do about it.

Best Wishes in Your Training

Frank Zane

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Egg White Perfection is Back!

Egg White Perfection is back!  

Previously on back-order, I've got a new fresh batch available for immediate shipping.  Eating better and exercising in 2015 alone are great resolutions. Add a third and make sure you're using the best, not a cheap whey protein loaded with sugars. 

With 36 grams of the highest quality pure protein in two scoops that has no fat, cholesterol, a trace of carbs and comes in at just 150 calories, why set yourself back? Egg White Perfection contains free form L-Glutamine to aid in brain function and acts as a boost to the immune system. It mixes easily for your shakes and can be used in a variety of recipes. 

Order today!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dave Draper featured in Building the Body Winter Issue!

Hot off the press this issue is one of my very favorites because it features a great from the Golden Age, Dave Draper.  His photos grace front and back covers and they are testament to the awesome unique look he developed.  Plus Dave writes about his current training and it is brilliant and hilarious.  Hunter Labrada contributes an article about his training and Fernandez wins his first contest.  Interesting writing and lots of great photos include:

Draper's Back - Dave describes how he used his favorite exercise to build his phenomenal back and Zane compares it to what worked best for him.

Muscles are Forever is Draper's article on his current training and it is one of the most entertaining pieces I've ever read.

The Bomber is a song I wrote about a workout I had with Dave in the early 1970s.

Fernandez wins Contest finally he takes the first place trophy on his third try.  His story of persistence and dedication tells how he did it.

The Contest Thing - It's getting ridiculous, on one hand men are attracted to wearing Bermuda shorts onstage in physique contests.  They think better this than freaky muscle shows.

Freaky Muscle Shows - at the other extreme is walking flexing mountains of muscle beyond belief, a spectacle to be sure but who wants to look like that?  Some people do but they aren't reading this.

Building the Body back issues are available and you can get these collectors items at a package discount.

Hunter Labrada is carrying on the tradition and reputation established by his father Lee Labrada.  With his  genetics and coaching he'll go far, read about how he  got started and his training.

The Neutral Grip means palms facing each other and when  used in pulling (rowing, pulldown) movements helped me overcome elbow injury.

Around the World is a dumbbell exercise I used in my earliest workouts to bring out my lat and chest development.

Under the Sentence of Rehab is what I've been through the last few months following rotator cuff surgery, I'm making progress healing gradually.

Letters and Email pose interesting questions and comments about training and sleeping.

Weighted Ab Work is the best way to thicken and bring out the lower abs but be careful not to thicken the lateral obliques.

Mantra Meditation offers power phrases which can facilitate desired motivational and relaxation benefits through high repetition.

Artificial Sweeteners have been shown in recent research to raise blood sugar levels that can lead to obesity.

Nutrition for Healing is all about my nutritional program of food and supplements to help me heal. It's working!

Frankly Speaking has a neat photo of one of Christine's paintings and news about special prices to BTB subscribers on the fresh batch of Egg White Perfection just in from the lab.