Monday, November 9, 2015

Build Lower Lats

Build Lower Lats

Back development has always been a priority with me.  You can’t see your back because it’s in back of you so it’s conditioning is taken for granted.  But unless you train back in a special way your future for good v taper is in danger of never happening.   Here’s why:

Upper lats aren’t that hard to develop, I rely on front pulldown with a wide neutral grip, pulling the bar down to touch my upper pecs and then letting it slowly back to a non-lockout position.  Stopping before lockout keeps the pump centered in the upper lats.  Going to lockout activates the deltoids which is OK but if you want more lat stimulation (after all you are working lats) then try non lockout pulldowns.

Then there’s the low central lat area and for that some kind of rowing is necessary.  The key here is to get a low stretch on the negative part of the movement, rounding your back as you stretch deep down with back parallel to the floor.  If you keep your back arched while stretching downward you will not develop a nice rounded sweeping curve to the low central lats.

I prefer low cable row or leverage row with a long bar stuck in a corner using small diameter plates so I can get a good range of motion to the movement.  Both of these exercises are more user friendly than bent over barbell row.  I use a neutral grip making it easy of the elbows. 

An upper lat exercise like front pulldown and lower lat movement such as leverage row are two basic exercises for complete lat development if you do them correctly.  The just out Autumn 2015 issue of Building the Body Quarterly has a nice article on How to Build the Lat Spread based on the points mentioned.  Check it out.

Friday, October 30, 2015

High Def Body

Been busy with everything here and all’s well. The Autumn 2015 issue of Building the Body Quarterly just arrived and we’ll be sending them out via USPS over the next several days. There are lots of photos as usual and the issue is one of my favorites. Training is going well too working out twice a week, upper body one day and legs the other day with some ab work each workout. Love shooting archery on the 6 target 3-D range on my lower hill. Joined by Fernandez we manage to lob 30 TO 40 arrows at bulleyes twice a week. So between walking up and down hills on the range to fetch arrows and pulling a recurve I’m getting enough exercise along with my twice weekly weight training workouts. Judging from how I feel it’s just about right.

Shipment of the new edition of High Def Body just arrived, updated and with some new photos, it’s been my bestselling book and a most complete guide to training for definition along with extensive nutrition advice. Looking thru the new arrival I notice the reproduction of the photos is even better than the first and second editions.

If you want a copy when ordering please specify ‘New Edition’. I’m gonna try to blog every week, so stay tuned. FZ

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Building the Body Quarterly Autumn 2015

Building the Body Quarterly Autumn 2015

Building the Body Quarterly Autumn 2015 is being published and expected to be mailed to subscribers before the end of October.  I’ve been publishing this 32 page ‘grass roots’ magazine for 17 years with goal being to keep traditional ‘old school’ bodybuilding alive especially now in the face of more recent trends that make me ask “Is this really bodybuilding?”  Major case in point is Men’s Physique competitions or as I call it ‘Bermuda Shorts Contents’ which look more like casting calls for a TV commercial.  Hidden by Bermuda shorts down to the knees what we don’t see on these contestants is their lack of leg development.  Why bother training legs, it’s just more hard work.  And they don’t develop their legs.  This is not true bodybuilding which is about developing the entire body.  The other end of the spectrum is the extreme development witnessed in the hard core pharmaceutically enhanced competitions, which while it is interesting to watch, not many people want to look like this.  That’s why I’m glad IFBB and NPC are now officially recognizing ‘Classic’ physique completions which hopefully will be judged with more emphasis on symmetry, proportion and presentation, not just on how much muscle a competitor exhibits. 
This issue presents a broad look at what I’ve found to be of interest to those who are looking for views and tips on sensible training, topics that approach working out from lots of angles.  Here’s the contents:

Mr. America – What a great show it was in Rochester, NY a weekend in August, it could be the start of one of the most coveted titles in bodybuilding.

Mr. America Production – This is why Gold’s Gym owner Bruce Ebell acquired the rights to the Mr. America title, his plans are a step in the right direction.

Gene Wood Success – After a Zane Experience program Gene trained and dieted as instructed to get into his best shape in recent times.

Bodybuilding has Changed by Master Trainer Larry Kay – Larry is a personal trainer in Scottsdale Arizona and his insight on what is happening in today’s bodybuilding is right on the mark, laughable, and sad.

Maintenance Training – You can’t train hard all the time, best to peak once a year and then afterwards train less frequently for a few months while you specialize on your weak points.  Here’s how I do it…

Coming soon: 
91 Day Wonder Body  my next book should be coming out early 2016, it integrates the workouts from my High Def Body and Let’s Grow books into a day by day three month instruction program including nutrition.

Banded Weight Stacks – Wrap a rubber band around your weight stack and increase the time under tension of a set.  Get a great pump and make it easy on your joints.

Aging and Attitude – Best to find ways to make yourself happy as you get older, here’s how I do it.

Sin & the Art of Archery – Missing the mark is called ‘sin’ and our goal is to hit the center each time, on every shot.

Expect Pec Work with Age – Pecs can sag if you don’t watch ‘em, here’s what to do to avoid saggy man boobs.

Lat Spread: how to build it – Secret to developing low central lats is to round your back as you stretch deep down on each rep.  

Critiques and Compliments – the best of the emails I get.

 The El Centro Range – It means ‘the center’ but it’s not the town 100 miles east of here.

My Training Progress – Been a year since rotator cuff surgery, shoulder keeps getting stronger and I’ve been training upper body and legs each once a week with an average of 8000 steps a day (via Fitbit) and two to three archery shoots a week (been getting sore lats, delts and obliques after shooting). Lots of Zane Experience clients have kept me exercising.

Frankly Speaking says my most popular book High Def Body was just revised and updated with current information and new photos. 

Amino Acid Formulas – Encapsulated free form amino acids have been part of my nutritional program for almost 50 years.  This is what I do.
This is first-hand information with no other goal in mind than to promote correct training methods, procedures I’ve used and tested over a lifetime of bodybuilding. And there’s no paid advertising, only descriptions of what I personally use and do to get results. 
Subscription gives you 4 hard copy issues a year sent in the mail (USPS) to your physical mailing address, it’s not digital although a kindle edition usually comes out afterwards.   Subscribers like getting a neat high quality little magazine nestled in the massive bunch of junk mail makes up most of today’s snail mail.
Subscription is $24 a year in USA,
$26.28 in California, $30 in Canada and Mexico,
$35 overseas.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

The importance of protein and amino acids

The importance of protein
and amino acids

One of the most important ingredients for successful bodybuilding is protein. How well your body uses protein is indicated by it's protein efficiency ratio (PER) which tells as a percentage how well the body uses the protein you ingest. We can divide proteins into animal and vegetable proteins. And while vegetable proteins are claimed to be very healthy, they do have low PER ratings. Soy, pea, hemp, bean protein all have PERs in the 40% range while protein from animal sources: meats, dairy, and egg protein sources have much higher values. The highest is from egg white protein with PER in the 90 percent range and along with whey protein from milk sources are the proteins your body assimilates the best. Meats, containing connective tissue (especially beef) have lower PERs somewhere in the 70% range.. So in my book it makes sense to use egg white or whey protein.

Some people are lactose intolerant and don't do well on whey protein. I'm one of them so I do not drink milk and rely on a protein drink of carbonated water, a squirt of half and half and agave for taste, and 25 to 50 grams of my Egg White Perfection shaken in a drink as a meal substitute especially after a workout. Sipped slowly after training puts protein in my system and boosts my glucose levels. I make sure to use only the finest ingredients so I don't buy those huge containers of whey that Walmart sells. Protein is important because it is composed of the amino acids, the body's building blocks. A protein drink is essential for bodybuilders because it supplies amino acids in abundance and is one of the best ways to increase nutrient density while not going overboard on calories. We endeavor to get one gram of first class protein per pound of ideal bodyweight.

Egg White Perfection is unique because it contains L-glutamine in free form. This amino acid increases alertness, feeds the muscles as well as the brains, boosts immunity and endurance. What happens under strict dieting conditions is after about 8 hours of not eating the body taps the branched chain amino acids in muscle tissue, pulls out glutamine, and sends it to the liver where it is stripped of nitrogen and used for energy at the expense of wasting muscle tissue. To prevent this from happening it's a good idea to add a protein rich in glutamine as well as the other amino acids to your nutritional program. I've been doing this for years and I think it's one of the main reasons for my success in bodybuilding. Check out Egg White Perfection at

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Seminar: Body Transformation: The 5 Keys

Frank Zane will be conducting a seminar entitled "BODY TRANSFORMATION: THE 5 KEYS"

Date:  Saturday, August 8th
Time:  2 to 4 PM

Eastridge High School
2350 East Ridge Road
]Irondequoit, NY 14622

Admission is $20 and we hope to see you there to meet Frank and learn his secrets!

Friday, July 31, 2015

NY Bodybuilding Seminar - August 8, 2015

Frank Zane will be conducting a bodybuilding seminar Saturday, August 8th, from 2 to 4 PM.

Eastridge High School
2350 East Ridge Road
Irondequoit, NY 114622

Admission is $20 per person.

Frank will also be attending the Mr. America competition that evening at 7 PM at same location.

For compete details of the events go to

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Building the Body: Summer 2015

Summer 2015 issue of Building the Body quarterly will be mailed by the end of the week of June 14th.  There are success stories of bodybuilders at both ends of the aging spectrum with photos to show their progress.  It's a very motivational issue, archery champ John Dudley's comeback along with my ongoing rehab tell what's needed to keep going forward.  the Error Messages article can make a person feel good about his mistakes, it's how we learn.  Lots of high quality photos make this one of our best issues yet.

How to Stay Motivated is all about finding a reason to train harder, be it competition or simply getting healthier you need a goal.

Serious about Training my plan is to get into good shape this year  as injuries heal.  Here's how I'm doing it.

Ralph Cowan’s Discipline at age 79 see what kind of shape a senior bodybuilder can attain.

Clarence Bass in his late 70's explains his training and diet and how it enables him to stay in such great condition.

Archer John Dudley one of the world's best professional archers recently underwent shoulder surgery.  Learn how he keeps shooting!

The Zane Experiences provide an opportunity to train with Zane at his facility in San Diego, including ongoing workouts:
    Ongoing Personal Training
    2 hr private posing seminar
    1,2,3,4 Day Private Seminar

James Smith did a Zane Experience program and 6 months later got into the best shape of his life and excelled in competition, see his remarkable transformation.

Abs olutely explains how different styles of abdominal developed can be developed according to how you train them.  Here's how:

The Overhead Pose is a classic Zane pose signifying victory, check out Frank's favorite overhead poses.

Are you Symmetrical?  What does it all mean?
    What is Perfect Symmetry? 
                    Time Symmetry?
                       Super Symmetry?
                             Bodybuilding Symmetry?

Musicality and the Muse is some of what inspires me.

Church of Man tells a metaphor of our many sub personalities.  Who is really in charge

Error Messages are simply indications of what not to do.  We learn by avoiding behaviors that do not work.

Frankly Speaking - Frank's return to archery, summer nutrition specials are what's trending.

Subscribe now by going to  Mailed USPS hard copy it's only $24 in USA, $26.28 in CA, $30 in Canada, and $35 overseas.

All the best,